Steve Harvey’s Stepmom Summit

Steve Harvey Stepmom Summit:
I’m a little late in sharing this, but I was so happy to see a talk show dedicated to stepmoms, even if it was just one episode. Steve Harvey’s wife discussed her issues and beliefs on how to be a stepmom. Between them, Steve and Marjorie have seven kids. I would love to see more shows on TV about step-parenting. Perhaps a dedicated talk show to step-families. The topics they discussed are all topics I have devoted chapters to in my upcoming book.

The release date of my book has been delayed, due to a late start in editing with the publishing house. However, things seem to be moving along now at a faster pace, so I’m hopeful my book will be out by summer. Fingers crossed!

Here are some of the topics and opinions of the stepmoms on Steve Harvey’s Stepmom Summit:

It’s okay to discipline in your home your way. Your kids will get used to the differences between the two different homes. Parallel parenting can work. Your kids will adjust. This, of course, works best if you and your new spouse agree on parenting styles.

Dealing with the Bio Mom:
This is typically the hardest part for stepfamilies. There is often fear and resentment, and feelings of being threatened— honestly, on both parts. Stepmoms want the kids to like them better, and bio moms fear their kids will like their stepmom more. We all need to realize kids have enough love in their hearts for everyone if they are given the space and freedom to do so. (I remember my stepson saying, “I don’t love you more than my mom. I love you both the same.”)

Not Evil, Just Human:
There is still so much out there about stepmoms being evil. This can make stepmoms try too hard to be perfect. Then, when they do mess up, as they will, they feel extra guilty, and are extra hard on themselves, as though this one screw up makes them evil.

Custody Issues:
If your kids beg to stay with you, it is not suggested that you agree unless their mom or dad is unfit. If your ex is still fit to parent, then you shouldn’t try to take your kids away. Taking your child away is not recommended unless they are in danger or are abused. They are dealing with brokenness and are in a unique and delicate place. Just because you feel your home is better than your ex’s home is not a good enough reason to keep your kids away from their other parent.

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