10 years ago, I met the man of my dreams, who just happened to come with a couple kids. Because I work with children, I thought becoming a stepmom would be easy. But, I was wrong. Being a stepmom was far more difficult than I anticipated, and I found out that there wasn’t much support out there for step-moms. This is what prompted me to write my book, Stepping into  a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms. I interviewed over 15 stepmoms about their struggles and triumphs as step moms and suddenly I didn’t feel so alone. It was so encouraging and therapeutic hearing all their stories. I felt like I belonged to a support group! That’s exactly what I want my book to be- a support group in writing!

My hope is that this book will provide support to other stepmoms out there. Right now, I am at home in California, working on my next book, Stories from Stepdads. Their voices deserve to be heard, too. My husband and two children, as well as our two dogs and cat support me on my new journey as a writer.