Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms, eliminates the notion of the “evil stepmother” from the past. That story may be old, but sadly nothing has come along to replace it, even though there are so many blended families in our society. This book is a collection of true stories from real stepmoms navigating their way through the trials and tribulations and the rewards and successes of helping to raise someone else’s children.

When a stepmom reads a story from one of the chapters, she should feel validated, supported, and encouraged on her own journey. The chapters are comprised of topics that we stepmoms encounter on a regular basis, from disciplining our new step-kids, to sharing holidays, to jealousies between the new family members. The book will serve as a support group for stepmoms everywhere.


Stories from Stepdads, because they, too, have unexpected challenges when they become stepdads. I interviewed over a dozen stepdads about their experiences helping to raise their new wife’s children.

Following that, I’ll be writing Stories from Stepkids, interviewing young adults and older about their experiences having stepparents while they were growing up.

My plan is to then write a second Stories from Stepmoms with all new interviews and chapters about stepmoms experiences with their stepchildren.