It’s Not a Competition

It’s embarrassing to admit just how much of this article, “Mom vs. Stepmom” in the November issue of Stepmom Magazine (, was my life when I first became a stepmom. The competition with the ex, the anger directed toward her, the hateful feelings I experienced. I could feel my cheeks […] Read more »

The Moving Day

Hi Everyone! Here’s the second half of my story from last week’s post. This is all about my big move-in day with my husband and his two kids. I hope you enjoy! Less than a year later, I pulled into the driveway of my new home —Brian’s home with his […] Read more »

A New Beginning

I’m thrilled to be finally working with my astute and talented editor with 4RV Publishing on my book Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms. Because of this, I will be busy making revisions to many stories in my book. And, I will be sharing these stories on my […] Read more »

Stepmothers and Stepdaughters

In the May 2015 edition of Stepmom Magazine, there’s an article entitled The Big Chill: Stepmoms and Stepdaughters- Why Your Relationship Isn’t As Close As You’d Like It to Be, By Trisha LaDogna. This article resonated with me because my stepdaughter’s and my relationship was challenging our first few years. […] Read more »

All Kinds of Jealousy

From an article in Stepmom Magazine (May, 2015), entitled “Difficulty with Stepdaughters”, I learned that the rough start to my stepdaughter’s and my relationship is not all that uncommon. “Difficulties tend to begin early in stepmother-stepdaughter relationships and catch many of us step-moms by surprise.” Read my story from my […] Read more »

So Much Insight

Stepmoms often feel left out of the close family circle that’s existed since the beginning. We entered the picture late in the game, causing us to sometimes feel like outsiders. Here’s one story of mine that shows the complicated feelings that come with this role of stepmom.   So Much […] Read more »

Do I Really Matter?

It’s easy for a stepmom to wonder if she really matters to her step-kids. A few years ago, I had this all too familiar experience with my stepdaughter. Here’s my story about a time I offered advice I wasn’t sure mattered…   Even though I’m not always sure that my […] Read more »

So Proud! 

  On Wednesday afternoons, I used to work out at my gym for two hours, taking a Pilates class and a spin class. One Wednesday, my 15 year old stepson asked if he could join me. I figured two hours would be a long time for him to spend at […] Read more »

Not Evil, Just Human

I recently read a blog on, that reminded me of a story I did not want to share in my upcoming book, Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms. Trish told a story about a time she wasn’t proud of, but she realized she couldn’t only share the good stories- she […] Read more »