What inspired me to write my book?

Feeling all alone in this world of “stepmom” is what inspired me to write my book. I tried finding books to help me along the way, but found very little I would enjoy. I mostly found self-help books, written by psychologists who wanted to tell me what to do. Then, when I shared my stories with others and heard, “You tell great stories! They are so inspirational! You should write a book!” I I began to think that perhaps I should write a book. So, I did!

When will my book be released?

Jan or Feb 2016.

Will I write more books about the same subject?

Yes! I already am, actually. I am currently writing a book about stepdads.

Do I worry about my Step-kids bio-mom finding out?

Not really because all of my stories that involve her are anonymous. So, it’s up to her if she wants to let people know those stories are actually about her. It will be similar to the book and movie, The Help!